Network of Excellence in Biomass and Renewable Energy

Working Groups

Biomass to Materials

This working group is coordinated by University of Helsinki and University of São Paulo. It focuses on developing new biomass based materials with processes that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Examples of these materials are so called bio-aluminium and bioplastics.

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Biomass to Chemicals

Coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and UNICAMP university, they aim to convert biomass to chemicals emphasizing the process. Some initial ideas include hydrolyzing the lignin to desired products and utilizing CO2 along with ethylene for polymer production.

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Biomass to Renewable Energy

Biomass to Renewable Energy working group focuses on several aspects of converting biomass to energy. Among these are second-generation biofuels and recycling biomass. The group is coordinated by Aalto and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro they aim to develop conversion technologies such as pelletization, pyrolysis, torrefaction, but also plant size optimization and process intensification.

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Biomass to Education

This working group is coordinated by University of Oulu and Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. They argue that exchange programs for students, professors and also lecturers is very important to gain experience from other universities and to meet people from different areas.

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  • Biomass and renewable energy are relevant areas of research, education and business opportunities both in Finland and Brazil
  • Advances in biomass utilization are currently depending on new joint ventures between universities, governmental agencies and private sector
  • Several opportunities for win-win collaboration between Finnish and Brazilian institutions. Personal contacts are needed to build trustful scenarios.
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